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Membership at YOGA HUSET functions as a continuing multi-journey ticket. You pay a set monthly price and get unlimited access to classes, which can be booked via APP or website under following conditions:

  1. The price of membership is calculated according to how many days there are left in the present month- no need to wait for the 1st to register.

  2. Both membership and punch card users can book as many classes a day as desired. If you wish to go all in, UNLIMITED membership is most recommended. You can upgrade your membership any time without administrative fees if you contact Remaining number of clips can be seen in app under “My Profile”

  3. Your booking of classes is irrevocable 4 hours before start of the class. If you wish to cancel, make sure to do so well in advance, otherwise you will lose a punch in your punch card, and receive a 50kr fee per missed class.

  4. You can only book your classes via website or app; we cannot process bookings via phone call.

  5. UNLIMITED membership gives you access to an unlimited number of classes every month for a set membership price with continuous monthly payment. You can book classes maximum 7 days in advance.

  6. If you plan to travel or need to pause your membership for any other reason, you can do so for 99kr. admin fee in app for up to 3 weeks or by contacting Your membership will restart automatically once the pause runs out, and it’s your responsibility to contact us via e-mail to shorten or extend it if needed. It is also your responsibility to cancel any remaining bookings, as this will not happen automatically. If you choose the stand-by option, you will not have to pay the administrative sign-up fee again, when returning to YOGA HUSET. A membership cannot be terminated while using the stand-by option. If you choose to close your membership, you shall do so via e-mail to When contacting us for cancelation, please write your full name, membership number and reason for cancelling, so that we may use the opportunity to better ourselves. Cancellation comes with a notice period of the rest of the month + one moth. Note that if you choose to return to YOGA HUSET after closing your membership, signup fee will once again be applied- we therefore recommend pausing your membership instead.

  7. All our classes start and finish as specified in our schedule and unless you agreed otherwise with the teacher prior to arrival, doors will close at the beginning of the class. If you happen to be late, be sure to respect your fellow yogis and wait for appropriate moment to enter the room. Vi suggest you arrive minimum 10min before class start, as we cannot guarantee that your attendance will be registered after start of the session, and thus you may accrue a fine.

  8. Mobile phones, bags and any other valuables cannot be brought into the studio/lounge area. Your belongings should be placed in lockers provided in our changing rooms. YOGA HUSET is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

  9. Participation in yoga classes is at your own risk, remember to inform your teacher about any injuries, pregnancy and any conditions that need extra attention.

  10. Bookings can only be made 7 days ahead of participation.

Force majeure

YOGA HUSET Aalborg cannot be made responsible for any agreements or compensations in case of events (force majeure) which are outside of YOGA HUSET’s control.

Cases such as war, war threat, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, rebellion, riots, terror activities, threats of terror, adverse weather conditions, fire, import ban, health crisis, pandemics, and other disease outbreaks, quarantine, mandatory closures, or isolation invoked my national authorities including those of Parish lock downs.

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