We proudly offer a 220+ hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training, with lead facilitator Maj Ingemann-Molden.



"Maj is a huge inspiration and has a very high level in her work as a yoga teacher in her classes and in training.

I'm so grateful that I've brought yoga into my life. It is so significant. "

                                                                                                                                          LR aspirant TT 2017



The word yoga translates as union. Union between your words and your actions. Between your body and your mind.

Between your dreams and the life, you live. In Danish another word for union is community. Creating and engaging

in a community can deepen your union to yourself and to yoga.



Most modern humans have forgotten where we came from - and most of us suffer from it. Many of us struggle

with stress, lack of energy and the loneliness that comes from not being recognized and understood.



A yoga training can be a vital first step on your journey back to the core of yourself and

 what's really important to you.


A great team of teachers and an optimal learning environment here at YOGA HUSET is ready to

 welcome you for a Power yoga training in Aalborg.


Together we will awaken the powerful teacher who lives within you!


  • Unique learning opportunities to teach real yoga classes, starting from day one

  • Thorough and embodied Yoga Anatomy taught by experts on the subject matter

  • Flow sequencing and the theory behind the concept

  • Integrated and holistic yoga philosophy – including ‘Yoga off the mat’

  • Introduction to Restorative and Therapeutic yoga – how do we cater to injuries, illness and challenges?

  • How to guide and assist students using hands-on in a safe manner

  • The business of yoga; how do you establish yourself as a teacher and how to avoid common startup mistakes.

  • Mindfullness and meditation

  • Self-development and personal growth



A yogic contemplation journey through four intense months.

The training is from August-November 2019 (both months included) and contains of 2 x 9 day intensives (these are held in week 32 at the end of Summer Holidays and week 42 in October – traditionally the Autumn holidays), + 2 weekends. Additionally, follows a non-mandatory and FREE, exam weekend at the end of the training. Training will ALWAYS be from 8am to 6pm.

  • 9 day intensive 3rd- 11th of august 2019

  • 14th. -15th. of September 2019

  • 9 day intensive 12th. -20th. of October 2019

  • 9th. -10th of November 2019

  • 23rd.-24th of November 2019 – Final Exam

For those who are interested, optional additional events outside the contact hours are available (such as films, lectures and workshops). 


There will be reading and writing assignments and students are required to develop a yoga practice outside of the training.



General recommendations:

Please note that this is an intensive course. The education will be concentrated and thorough and you will be challenged both physically and mentally. We therefore recommend that you make the best framework for your own learning process. This could include:


  • That you as far as possible refrain from stimulants during education - alcohol, caffeine, sugar, etc. These weaken your ability to concentrate, dull your mental clarity and create anxiety in your body and mind.

  • That you provide enough rest for yourself and show up, well prepared and ready.

  • That you consider postponing your training if you have other “big” events happening in your life.

  • Your attendance to ALL of the training is required. If you need to miss some hours we can work with you on an individual basis to find a way to make it up.

I tvivl om hvilken uddannelse der er for dig? Maria som tog uddannelsen i 2018 har skrevet denne guide:


Full price: kr. 34.500 (including UNLIMITED membership to YOGA HUSET during your training).

Early Bird 29.500


To ensure we only accept serious inquiries there is a charge of 350kr. for applying to YOGA HUSET Teacher Training. The application is received when the fee is registered via YOGA HUSET's MobilePay account: 32948 - Please enter your name and "Yoga training" (get in contact if you do not have MobilePay as we can arrange an alternative). The fee will be deducted from the cost of the program once you have registered.

For questions please contact Maj at:

maj@yogahusetaalborg.dk or at: (+45) 40 48 30 01.

Registration is binding, and a deposit must be paid prior to course start (Rate payment can be negotiated with the office on an individual basis).




Modules for YOGA TRAINING Autumn 2019:



9-day intensive 3rd-11th August 2019

Introduction to the 8 limbs of yoga. The yogic path and HOT Yoga
We get straight to the root of yoga, reading relevant texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita, excerpts of the Vedas and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. On this module we will define and examine what yoga really is, what yoga philosophy is, yogic lifestyle and ethics etc. Yogic concepts like Karma and Dharma will also be introduced and explained. Along the way, we will bring all of these principles into our bodies with lots of physical yoga teaching. It is also in our 9-day module that we take on the "summer holiday" in the heat and learn about HOT yoga, and the meaning and use of Bandhas and Drishti.


9-day intensive 3rd-11th August 2019​

14th-15th of September 2019

Yoga anatomy and yoga physiology

Relevant guest teachers join in to teach us yoga anatomy through movement, hands-on and theory. We also dive into subtle body concepts with lead facilitator Maj; such as Chakra Theory, Energy Channels (Nadis) and the 5 layers of our being (Koshas). Plus a lot more!


9 day intensive 12th. -20th of October 2019
The role and plight of a Yoga teacher, time structure and "Hands-on assist".

In this module our focus is on the profession of a yoga teacher. We go to the floor and look at concrete tools in the use of theme, music and voice, the composition of flows and programs, and at the same time we will learn about presentation and communication. How do we take care of students with relevant heating / cooling and preparation, appropriate adjustment and assistance using hands, verbal guidance as well as the correct use of props / tools and how to further the poses with these. We will also review how we work with injuries, diseases, challenges and pregnancy / after birth. The theoretical substance is tested and labelled as far as possible in its own body. Finally, we also look at how to tune in on ourselves as a teacher (delimitation of the role, a yoga teacher's many hats, mental self-defence, etc.)


9th. -10th. of November 2019 
23rd.-24th. of November 2019 – final exam

Catch up Bonanza and life after educationBesides from a proper catch up on the previous modules, this module also offers an introduction to "the business of yoga"; how do you establish yourself and act as a yoga teacher. It concludes with a practical and written final exam (optional but is included in the price and need for certification).

Price per. module:

Kr. 4.550;

For questions please feel free to contact Maj at: maj@yogahusetaalborg.dk or at: 40 48 30 01.








FREDAG KL. 10.00 OG KL. 16.00. 



Thursday night 12th of September kl. 17:00-20:00

Deepen Your Yoga Practice: An Exploration

of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (ENG)

- Workshop m. Jennilee Toner (US)

Join Jennilee and explore the yoga teachings outlined in the 15th century influential text on yoga: Hatha Yoga Pradipika. We will cover topics discussed in the four chapters: Asana, Shatkarma & Pranayama, Mudras & Bandhas, and Samadhi. This workshop will include lecture, discussion, and some of hatha yoga techniques outlined. If you have a copy of Hatha Yoga Pradipika please bring as it is so lovely to dive deeper with various commentaries and translations. 

Friday Morning 13th of September kl. 10.00-12.00

BLISSFUL INTEGRATION: Stimulating Your Vagus Nerve and Exploring, Toning & Stretching Your Fascia (ENG)

- Workshop m. Jennilee Toner

Join Jennilee in this two hour class that will stimulate your Vagus Nerve with Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound and Vibration) and integrate your subtle body and mind with a fascia based flow practice.  After 30 minutes of sitting, breathing and toning to stimulate our 10th cranial nerve responsible for rest. digest and restore (parasympathetic nervous system) we will explore the meridians of fascia, tone fascia with oscillation and then stretch our fascia with a more yin yoga approach. This class is NOT to be missed!!!


Friday Evening 13th of September kl. 16.00-18:30

Ayurveda: Yoga For Your Dosha (ENG)

- Workshop m. Jennilee Toner

Join Jennilee for an introduction to Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga), a deep dive of the Gunas (three primal forces), and what yoga serves your Dosha (inherent constitution) the best. This workshop always offers deep insight into the nature of one's being, how to practice and live in such a way to cultivate and support peace and harmony in both body and mind, and the habits and patterns that we are attracted to that can either serve or sabotage us. This workshop includes both lecture and mulit-dosha asana practice. 

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